People own motorcycles for a variety of reasons and in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. Whilst the reasons for owning a motorcycle are sometimes practical, one thing most riders will readily talk about is their passion for their vehicle. Modern bikes are fast and efficient machines, and the overall concept is adaptable so bikes can be produced for road and off road use, as well as for various sporting events. Smaller, lower powered motorcycles such as mopeds are affordable transport for those on a budget who need to travel from A to B. Most riders understand how important their own bike is, and protect it using the best motorbike security systems they can afford. Despite all the enthusiasm that exists for motorcycles, not many know a great deal about the early history of these intriguing machines.

It is easy to recognise that all motorcycles are based on early push bikes, but when did the decision to motorise these originate? As early as 1869, the Roper steam powered cycle was introduced, driven by a twin cylinder, charcoal fired engine. This American innovation occurs to have immerged at around the same time as a similar machine was designed and patented by L G Perreaux in France. These steam powered cycles were both impractical and dangerous, as they could not travel long distances and the steam produced was hazardous to those riding them. There is some debate as to which came first, but the year 1869 has gone down in motorcycle history.

Shortly after this, in 1885, German inventor Gottlieb Daimler produced a single cylinder, petrol driven bike, which was made from a wooden frame and had a mid placed engine. This model had small stabilisers to aid the rider as it reached its top speed of 12mph! This design is generally considered the true predecessor to modern motorcycles. As the years went by, the design was refined and updated, and in the second decade of the twentieth century, mass motorcycle production began in earnest.

Today, it is hard to believe that over a century ago, motorbikes were unheard of. The motorcycle as a vehicle for day to day use and for sports is commonplace, with bike enthusiasts all over the world. For those who care about their vehicle, having good motorbike security system is essential. Motorcycle theft is a serious problem and a concern for many riders, especially if they do not have a garage to keep their bike in at night. Luckily, as motorcycles have evolved, so too has motorbike security technology.

It is possible to purchase some quite high tech vehicle security systems today – in addition to locks and alarms, there are now technologies that allow bikes and their parts to be traced easily, and systems which send text message alerts to the bike’s owner if it is tampered with in their absence. Motorbike security really has come a long way, which is a good thing considering crime statistics. There are approximately 1.3 million licensed motorcycles in the UK, and unfortunately some thieves see them as easier targets than cars. According to statistics, out of all motorcycles stolen every month in the United Kingdom, only around 32% are recovered. Having the latest motorbike security tracking system can make a real difference.

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