Perhaps better known for car security, Toad has been the chosen alarm for the Motorhome owner for many years.

Initially, aggressive and powerful marketing made it as close to a household name as you can get within the vehicle security sector. However, installers and end users very quickly realised that the product provided not just a cost effective solution, but incredible and unrivalled reliability, which served to help cement its place in the market.

Companies soon took into account that, even after approximately 12 months on the market, very few products were being returned as faulty. Considering the quantities of units sold, this was quite simply amazing.

Today, there is a strong focus on Toad’s Sterling range; made striking by the unique silver moon shaped remote control. The Sterling One (also known as System 1 and System 2) is insurance approved to Thatcham Category 1 standards, meaning it incorporates a full alarm and immobiliser and is recognised by all UK insurance companies.

The Thatcham approval may in some cases generate a discount on insurance premiums and is also a guarantee that the product is tried and tested!

The Sterling One is operated by remote control (two will be provided), thus giving Motorhomes that have central locking the capability to allow users the option of controlled central locking( allowing the user to lock and unlock the Motorhome doors when they arm and disarm the alarm).

The Sterling One is available in two options; System 1 and System 2. The difference between the two is simply habitation protection.

Both come as standard with comprehensive cab protection, protecting the cab doors and bonnet via trigger switches and immobilises the Motorhome engine. However, it also provides cab interior protection using ultrasonic sensors which detect windows being broken and a 120dB battery back-up siren is installed under the bonnet, which will continue to sound even if the Motorhome battery is disconnected or the wires to the alarm or siren are tampered with, or even if they are cut.

System 2 incorporates a wireless interface that allows the alarm to have wireless sensors added to it. The most popular interface used is wireless infra red PIR sensors and wireless magnetic contact or reed switches.

The use of wireless sensors is beneficial in many ways. First, the installer doesn’t need to remove habitation trim, cupboards or upholstery, which is extremely important. Secondly, as there are no wires trailing from one end of the Motorhome to the other (often underneath the vehicle) there is no chance of these wires being traced and then cut or bypassed. Third, adding additional sensors as and when required is simple! Areas like garages or lockers, which would typically be very difficult to secure, can be done so in seconds.

System 2 comes with two wireless sensors; an infra red PIR motion sensor for the habitation area and a magnetic contact switch for the habitation entrance. This makes System 2 a comprehensive yet affordable security system, suitable for almost all pre-2006 Motorhomes, with unrivalled reliability!

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