Obviously none of us need reminding that GPS tracking is the only sensible and truly effective method of tracking available today. Products like Tracker for example, are not much different to using a walkie talkie to try and locate a stolen vehicle; hoping that the closer you get the louder or clearer the signal becomes.

So, GPS tracking is where it’s at – right?

Well, yes, but there is one problem that even Trackstar, the best selling and most successful GPS tracking system, has. One weak link in the chain or defence so to speak. Products like Trackstar work by detecting the vehicle moving when the ignition is switched off. In other words, the vehicle being towed or carried on a low-loader or trailer, triggers a motion sensor, which then activates the tracking system. This sends an alert to the monitoring station and the rest we all know.

However, most professional thieves are aware that tracking systems have been around for some time and that a great deal of high value and high performance vehicles will probably have one fitted. This is why key-theft is so prevalent; nobody with even half a brain wants to get caught so why even attempt to steal a vehicle that the police can follow?

With this in mind, Trackstar developed Trackstar 5. Trackstar 5 takes tracking to a whole new level by having the addition of a transponder style credit card, which is carried by the vehicle driver/user at all times. This transponder tells the tracking system that the person driving the vehicle is the rightful owner and as such, remains inactive. However, should the transponder not be present, an alert is sent to the monitoring station and the matter is treated as a theft.

As with most things in life, people make mistakes and every now and again, drive off without their transponder. But don’t worry, you won’t be dragged out of the vehicle after a high-speed chase; Trackstar will contact you and your second point of contact before the police are alerted – just in case!

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